The Red Carpet of the Future! March 02 2017

A recent article by Lindsay Baker, published on BBC Culture, posed the question “Where Does The Red Carpet Come From?”. The answer, perfectly backed with historical facts, laid the ancient origins as well as more recent history of this inevitable element of any event.

Gazing down the Red Carpet’s past, as far back as we can see, amused by the path it has taken through the centuries to present days, I couldn’t help but ask “Where will the red carpet go? Where will it take us next?”.

An old English proverb says “You don’t know where you are going, until you know where you have been!”, so allow me please, to succinctly recap on the most important milestones of the Red Carpet’s known history:

458 BC                 Red Carpet takes central stage in Aeschylus play Agamemnon;

Renaissance       Red Carpet is represented in numerous paintings laying the path before kings, emperors, sacred figures and holy dignitaries; A sign of power and significance;

   1784 - 
Grand opening of one of the first department stores in Paris, Au Tapis Rouge (At The Red Carpet). Today the building is transformed into a sublime event space, still carrying the signature name “Au Tapis Rouge”;

1821 - James Monroe, the 5th US President disembarks from a riverboat in Georgetown, greeted with a ceremonial Red Carpet;

1902 - 
New York Central Railroad, uses Red Carpet as part of the 1st Class Service on its glamorous 20th Century Limited Train, from New York to Chicago.





1922 - Red Carpet is spread in front of the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, for the grand opening and premier of Robin Hood, starring Douglas Fairbanks. It is recorded in history as the first motion picture to have a Hollywood Premier. 


1961      On Oscar night, The Academy first places Red Carpet as means to lead their guests from their cars to the venue; Since, the Red Carpet is an integral part of movie premiers and awards ceremonies across the world.

The Red Carpet has become a quasi-synonym of special events, glamour, VIP, first class treatment, exclusivity, power and distinction. From an entrance carpet path, it has become the main stage for display of designer fashion and bold statements.

Today the Red Carpet comes in many colours! A rainbow of branding and theming opportunities!

We already see and hear about event carpet colour used as basic branding and in turn becoming synonym with the event, the initiative or the message they promote:

The Orange Carpet Event – Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, using the orange carpet as brand statement, quickly finding its way right next to the big Academy Awards red carpet.

The Green Carpet Challenge – founded by Livia Firth, the movement promotes ethically made designer fashion. Designer brands like Chopard and Gucci are already adopting the initiative. The Green Carpet Challenge is rapidly becoming a brand of its own, recognised for beautiful collections, made with ecological intelligence and sustainable practices.

Naturally, we ask: What about tomorrow? What will the Red Carpet become? Where will it lead us?

During the inauguration of its new production line, Sommer NeedlePunch, Europe’s leading manufacturer of event carpet, showcased EXPOCREA, a digitally printed recyclable event carpet! Suddenly, the answer of my question became quite clear! It was evident! We were walking on the Red Carpet of the Future! - A 100m long, digitally printed carpet runner, transporting us from a 3D worlds and head-turning patterns through to paradise-like high definition images and movie scenes. A breath-taking display of potentials under our feet!

…. Branding, advertising, 3D perspectives, theming…. the possibilities are endless!

Expocrea is The Red Carpet’s future!... Dare we say, Expocrea is probably The Event Carpet of The Future!

Full of colour and images only limited by our imagination! Expocrea, The Red Carpet of the Future will continue to be present on the floors of our events and exhibitions for as long as we have brands, ideas, themes and messages to communicate!

Calling all Event & Exhibition designers and organisers: Get creative and have fun!

Call us for more information on Expocrea – our digitally printed recyclable event carpet!